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a. We have a 45-day return policy. After this period, we no longer accept exchanges or returns.

b. In case of returns, we'll issue you a full refund as soon as we receive your shoes back.

c. Shoes must be returned in an unworn/original condition. When trying your shoes on, please walk only on carpeted surfaces to avoid marks and scuffs on the soles.

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Empower 1,000 Child Brides in Nigeria

More than 12 million girls become child brides every year. That's one girl every three seconds who is robbed of her childhood, one girl every three seconds who is at increased risk of violence and child sexual abuse. Over the past two months, Girls Not Brides members have come together through #StopStealingHerChildhood campaign to show world leaders that inaction isn't an option. As a member of Girls Not Brides, we are determined to end child marriage in Nigeria at all cost.

Gender Equality Workshop for Girls

This project will empower 1,000 young girls and young brides, allowing them to rise out of the state of helplessness and illiteracy to active agents of change in their communities. The sensitization workshops will encourage parents and community leaders' participation in advocacy against girl- child marriage and ensure the enactment of regulations that curb early girl-child marriages in Nigeria and raise a lasting awareness against this practice through the gender equality workshops.


Organization: Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation
Location: Fct - Nigeria
Website: ​​