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Leather Care Tips




STEP 1: Place a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap on a damp cloth and bring it to a light lather.
STEP 2: Rub the damp cloth on the leather without putting too much water on the leather.
STEP 3: Wipe away lather with a fresh damp cloth. Don't rinse the leather in water.
STEP 4: Polish leather with a dry towel.
STEP 5: Treat leather with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely.


    • It is recommended to spray a water and stain protector on suede shoes before wearing them. It shall help avoid stains and make it easier to clean. Make sure you brush it before and after using the waterproofing spray.
    • To preserve the beauty and charm of your suede shoes, prefer to brush the shoes after each use, before storing them.
    • When dealing with tough stains that you have failed to remove, it is better to take them to a professional cleaner who specializes in leather and suede. Otherwise, improper and aggressive methods of cleaning may cause irreparable damage.


    • If your oxfords do get wet. Let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wick off the water right away or use a dry rag or towel if available to wipe off the water. Pull the moisture from the inside of the shoe. This can be done with newspaper or a small dry towel. Never try to dry your leather oxfords/boots on the heater or in strong sunlight.
    •  Polish your shoes regularly. Polish them with plenty of polish and allow them to sit with the polish on as long as possible. Ideally let the polish stay on overnight. Make sure you get plenty of polish into the welt and the crack between the upper and the sole. Conditioning and polishing the leather will help keep your shoes in tip-top shape and ready for whatever you throw at it.
    • Finally, you can buy on internet some waterproof wax that you can apply to your oxfords/boots to effectively protect them from water. We usually recommend the following product: www.amazon.co.uk/Waterproofing-Wax-for-Leather-100ml/dp/B0041DFH3C

    About us

    We love oxfords, brogues & derbys, but over anything, we love diversity and authenticity. That's why we offer timeless & versatile designs, ready to be personalized by women who value individuality.

    Julia Bo is a team of young entrepreneurs who strive to bring more than 60 years of family shoe-crafting tradition into the modern age. It all started in a small workshop in Warsaw, where our grandfather made men's oxfords by hand. Years later the next generation of women took over the small business and turned it around producing women's shoes, inspired by a men's world.
    In the last decade, the family business has grown into a company that currently operates three workshops in Eastern Europe, and has recently opened a commercial office in London, U.K.

    All our oxfords and boots are individually handcrafted by Eastern European artisans, using only full grain leathers and quality materials to ensure the best results.

    We hope you'll love our custom oxfords & boots as much as we do!  

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