Under our 45-day return policy, you can always return/exchange your custom shoes. In this case, you'll have to send them back to our US or UK address. We offer free exchanges for orders over $75

You can return/exchange your custom shoes under the following terms and conditions:

a. We have a 45-day return policy. After this period, we no longer accept exchanges or returns.

b. In case of returns, we'll issue you a full refund as soon as we receive your shoes back.

c. Shoes must be returned in an unworn/original condition. When trying your shoes on, please walk only on carpeted surfaces to avoid marks and scuffs on the soles.

d. Buyers are responsible for the return shipping cost to our UK (London) or US (Oregon) address.

e. Please contact us before sending your shoes back.


Feet Measuring

Feet Measurements - Julia Bo Shoes - Size

Basic Measurements (A,B) 

1. Place a piece of blank paper on a hard floor.

2. Stand on the paper wearing a sock of medium thickness.

3. Holding a pencil vertically, place a mark at the end of your heel.

4. Place another mark at the tip of your longest toe.

5. Mark the sides of your foot at the widest part.

6. Measure your other foot using the same method.


Additional Measurements (C,D,E,F,G)

For a perfect fit, all the way round with the tape encircling your foot snugly, take the following measurements:

C = across the joint of the foot where it is widest;

D = halfway between joint and ankle; across the instep where it is highest;

 = diagonal from the heel to the top of the instep (circumference), where you get the smallest measurement for this position. You'll have to nudge the tape slightly under the heel for this; 

F = circumference of the ankle, at the level of the narrowest point of the ankle;

G* = simply wrap the measuring tape around the largest part of your calf and record the number. We recommend measuring both calves and averaging the number since your calves can be slightly different in size (* only required in high boots orders).


1. Our size scale may differ between our styles and other footwear brands.

2. Remember to measure your feet with socks similar to the ones you'll be wearing with the oxfords or boots you are buying.

3. If you have any doubt, please contact us to help you to choose the best size for you.